Hat Creek

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Revitalizing Communities & Forests

From Local Logs to Lasting Legacies.

Hat Creek Lumber is cultivating resilience: with forest care and community development.

Our forests and communities are facing growing challenges

• Wildfires threaten human & forest health.
• Community-scale sawmills have been lost in the region over the past four decades.

• There are fewer employment & community development opportunities.
• Investment for wood processing facilities is extremely difficult.
• Increased treatment volume is mismatched to existing wood processing capacity.

But within our community rose the ingenuity, experience, and creativity to devise a solution.

Logo. Hat Creek lumber, LLC

Hat Creek Lumber was founded in response to the growing wildfire risk and decline of local sawmills over the past four decades. The company seeks to revitalize forest health and community development through sustainable wood processing solutions.

“Hat Creek Lumber’s approach to wood and community is critical to rebuilding regional resilience.”

– Sharmie Stevenson Fall River and Pit RCDs

“Local forests need long-term, sustainable, and innovative solutions to wood processing.”

– Kevin Zeman, Stewardship West

In collaboration with local stakeholders and strategic partners, Hat Creek Lumber, LLC harnesses collective expertise and resources, ensuring our operations are both sustainable and beneficial to the community.

Thanks to enduring partnerships with governmental and private entities, we effectively bridge the gap between increased forest treatment needs and wood processing capacity, driving progress and innovation in regional forestry management.

Hat Creek Lumber, LLC – Products

• We produce Incense Cedar lumber products from the forests of California and Oregon.
• The majority of our logs are sourced from sustainably managed privately owned timberlands.
• All of our products are produced with narrow band saws that are known for leaving a beautiful finish and require little kerf for maximizing recoveries from each log.
• We produce a wide range of product sizes.